Missing You Again :-(

But this time it is different. I miss you because it has been 4 months. I miss you because I am ready....and can't wait to be more than your girlfriend. I miss you because I can see the you I have longed for and I know that you can see the me you have longed for too. We are on the same page :-) so I wait a little while longer......until missing you, doesn't seem like forever and loving you face to face again feels like fireworks.

I have not felt this intensity before as I mentioned. Of course I have missed you in the last year and half at different times. Somehow, this last time, its been harder. I believe that this is my signal that I am finally there. The whisper from God and my inner self that I am really ready for us and you! In the time that has passed, I have come to a full life realization. I am doing better with my health and blood sugars. It took me a long time but I am trying to be better for you and the boys and my family and friends. I feel good about our home and how it feels. I have come to a better understanding about my anger and what is it's trigger. I am trying my best to control it and make certain that I am doing what should be done. I want so badly to let go of the bad and just flow with the goodness I have in you and the boys and our families and friends :-) and I am on the path to accomplishing these and many other things.

All this progress and now we wait till you arrive, a little while longer :-) Then I will be even better......with you by my side forever! 
MegJgeM MegJgeM
36-40, F
1 Response Jul 20, 2010

This is Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! YAY!! Hugs, LW