Take Me Home Too....

Tears on my pillow
a pain I can't explain
a life I did not plan.
How I feel so low.
I miss you so much
your gentle touch
the perfect hug
I get lost on memory lane
my heart walks with a cane
something to lean on
while I hear the sad song.
Please come back
Please I am so sad
I'm sorry I was so bad
forgive me dear one
Don't leave me alone.
Take this pain
that seeps in my heart
from the depths of the black hole
I cry my tears into a bowel
from the end of my soul to the start.
this pain is deeper than the endless space
between the stars the moon and sun
Can you hear me in your final place?
I just wish I could to you run.
Engulf me with your kisses
these are my sincerest wishes
please let me come home too
so my heart won't be so blue.
I want to go home
I am done I have nowhere left to roam
Please take me home
Take away this pain.
A.G 2012
MeltedFlowers MeltedFlowers
31-35, F
May 5, 2012