Actually I Did Know...

I just never wanted to miss him so much. People who know me, know who this is about. !@#$, just!#$ I hate it....make it stop. Please!

I'm losing my mind. Yes, the Angel sent by Spirit has tried breathing deeply, tranquilisers, strong alcohol, smoking, self pleasure, erotic storytelling, kind love notes and screaming to the Heavens.

I MISS HIM SO MUCH!... It never stops. I have had enough of hurting.

EDIT July 18, 2009: It's over now and after a BAD turn. I actually don't hurt anymore, but against my better judgment, I'll always miss what was and what we could have had.

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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7 Responses Mar 7, 2009

Funny how all this ache lead to heartbreak after all... GOD DAMN YOU!

I know, all we can do is hold on for a better day.<br />
Thanks darl. x

Plans are good for nothing right now.

My heart is not broken people, It aches to be with him again....<br />
The Universe is being difficult.

omm it happens .. and we should learn to live all these feelings.. every thing is not in our control some time even our own thinking and emotions for some one.. we feel that some one else controlling our feelngs from long distance.. we did not want to act or think but we become helpless some time.. so we should learn to manage these invisible things and should learn to live with broken hearts..<br />
<br />

Aww sweetie...I know it is hard my friend!

Fe!!!!<br />
I wish I could keep you company!