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it almost feels like the end of the world sometimes. Like I can't live without him... I can... But I don't want to. I can never spend enough time with him and I hate so much to see him go - even if it is just for a day.
It's silly, I know. But I can't help it. I really wish I could. But the feeling is way too strong.

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Yeah i guess that's how i feel too. I know i don't have to be worried about losing him or anything - it's as simple as just wanting to spend my time with him. He's my best friend. <BR>But i definately agree with absense makes the heart grow fonder. And i've practiced that since i posted this story. It's good to miss someone sometimes, it makes seeing them again irresistable.

jasmine~ It is not childish... You are learning about different feelings that you may have not ever felt before, which are very strong. Because you really care for him deeply, it pulls at your heartstrings emotionally. It is actually a good thing to miss him for a few days, so that, as you say, you don't smother him. The next time you are together again, that miss you time will keep you locked in totally! That old saying " absence makes the heart grow fonder is such a true statement. <br />
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Wish you two the best. <br />
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Hugs<br />
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I get you. That's exactly how I feel. I overdo most things in my life. When i like someone a lot - i want to be with them all the time. I'm full on too. Usually i enjoy my own company just fine, but he's not just a boyfriend, he's like my new best friend, we both want to be with eachother all the time, it is a mutual thing at least, which is good. But i'm worried about smothering the relationship and i too think it adds negativity, and i don't want us to get sick of eachother. So that's what i've got to try to work on, the balance. I need to find that peace - happiness because I have such a great person in my life - whether he's by my side or not. <br />
****. It sounds so childish.

About 5 months. I'm just too emotional for my own good!