What A Wet Day!

My 2 in 1 story!!!

Yesterday morning, I went to my favorite beach to make the best out of the intense heat. I packed my iPod, a cooler full of water and snacks, and my bathing suit. Before I left to drive, I ate a fiber bar and a cup of milk. 

Once I reached the beach I immediatley went to change into my bikini. After, I went to the sunniest spot on the beach to get a tan. I lay there for a few hours going through multiple bottles of water and many snacks. The music on my iPod had went through repeat atleast 2-3 times so I was getting a little bored.

I suddenly felt that great feeling if the urge to pee. This beach was WAY too public so I had no in tentions of wetting myself and playing games. My choices: Pee in the ocean, Pee right where I was, or go up and actually use the bathroom. 

I couldn't pee in the ocean because there were a bunch of kids in every spot so they would question the sudden warm feeling. I couldn't go right where I was because too many people were just walking around. So I was left with the bathroom.

My spot was very far from the bathroom so I had to go right away. I left all my stuff there at my blanket (big mistake later...) and I was off.

As I walked on by, boys stared and complimented my white bikini that tightly hugged my butt making it look
It's best. My bikini didn't even seem like a bikini. It was made of part cotton for some reason (just for show) and had to be tied on both ends of the hips. I tie them extra tight due to a younger childhood experience of being bikini-bottom-less at the age of 10.

I was on my way when I bumped into some of my friends (that don't know I wet myself for fun). They started talking about useless things I would never remember. I hurried up their convestation and was getting worried about by bladder. The only thing that was able to take my mind off my bladder a sudden urge to poop. It first snuck up on me when I randomly farted.

So as I'm squrming around, cross-legged waddling to the bathroom, I find out forgot my shoes. You may think, "What's the big deal?" Well, have you ever went to a bathroom at the beach? Let's just say that they aren't the cleanest place in the world...

I finally made it to the bathroom. I just stood outside it until I let out another fart. I finally built up the courage to walk into the bathroom barefoot. I took my first step into the bathroom and I find tolit paper on the ground, everything wet, and a 4-6 person line.

In the front of the line was two 5 year olds with their mother, next was a group of girls that were maybe age 14 or 15 and then me. It didn't seem like that both the 5 year olds had to go, just one. Then I noticed that probally 1 of the girls had to go. The one girl that had to go was dancing around with the others laughing at her.

Finally the mother with her kids went into a stall. Moments later the next stall was open for the other desprate girl. That left me and a 30 year old women behind me.

At this point I was in code orange of desperation. One hand on my butt, the other on my crotch. I was thinking 10 more minutes of full control. After a few minutes, the girl came out and I
ran in.

Right now your looking and wondering, what could possibly go wrong. Well as I'm in the stall, I notice that I can't tug down my bottom. So I try to untie it. Still no use. I was getting really worried now because it just wouldn't move. Then I realize what embarrassment I had to go through in order to make it on time. I walked out of the stall, out of the bathroom and went up to stange, but strong, men.

The first guy walked away, the second one left after I farted, then the third one was just too shy...Finally I went to a fourth man and he told he was going to help. I was in code red now with a 1-3 minutes remaining. I was dancing around holding my butt. The man told me to stay still, but I couldn't. He continued asking, I continued ignoring when finally just told,"Do it youself!"

Usually I just pee in the ocean without any problems. I never had to poop at the beach. Plus, I never tied it this tight. So I ran back to the bathroom. I ran into the stall to try myself. I fought and fought the urge, when I didn't even feel my legs. My muscle kept holding. My crazy mind was in crazy mode or something, because it told to go back to the beach and pack up to leave.

I was almost there when I found myself in the middle of a water gun fight. They only shot me once, but in the most lethal spot. Right in the crotch. I started to drip, so I ran toward my stuff. I stopped the drip once I got there and found that someone robbed me. They stole my towel, my shirt, extra pair of underwear, my cooler, the water in the cooler, my denim shorts, and left me with my iPod and my blanket.

I started carrying it toward my car when SPLAT!!! An adult man trying to catch a football ran right into me making me all out pee my bikini bottom. This pee was dark yellow and stained my bikini forever.

I got up and started running. When I stopped and saw a fifty dollar bill in the sand. Something good out this day was to come! When I bent over to pick it up, super solid poop came rushing it to my wet bikini bottom and made a huge buldge. I couldn't hid it (nothing to hid it with), I coudln't empty it (to tight), the poop had to stay. I then felt another urge to pee due the over full bladder. I knew I would last half as long so I took another stop at the bathroom to grab a diaper. I couldn't put it in my bikini, I had to put it over. I was still in the bathroom when I put it on. I thought to myself in which is more embarrassing, pooping and peeing youself, or being in diapers. My crazy mind picked diaper as I walked out in my big diaper, nothing to cover it. It was sure humiliating, but I didn't regret it later.


As I was on the way home, I peed myself 3 more time of full bladders and pooped myself 2 more times making a huge mess. I still had to pee when I got home so I decided I would just go to the mall in my diaper and see how long I would last with a weak bladder. I put on a new pair of short shorts, tight hot pink panties and a t-shirt. 

I finally left, still with the loaded bikini bottom and wet diaper. I went to a clothes store and pooped 2 more times (hadn't pooped in a week before this day). I felt very stiff. I couldn't bend over. Of course when I say couldn't I challenge myself to. I bent over to hear a loud ripping noise... I went into the bathroom to check the damage and saw I spit my bikini bottom and the diaper was on the verge of leaking.

 I had to ditch the diaper. Then my crazy mind forgot I was aloud to use the tolit and I rushed out of the bathroom with loaded panties and on the egde of wetting myself again. I jumped into my car and drove. Thankfully the panties were tight enough to keep all my poop together. The poop was all mushy and all over my "spots". I made it home finally, but once i got out of my car, I peed myself making all the poop more mushy. The pee was filtered through the poop and was turned brown. So when it hit my white short shorts, I was a mess.      
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love this story Dear <3

Good story and the robber mustve been a retard cuz they didnt take ur iPod and what kind and generation was it?

hot hot hot

can I have thous pants lol txb x

wow that wasn't just a wet day it was messy too. i 'm not much into poo ,but i like the part where you peed in your car 3 times .that'd hot.you in your white bikini thats really hot.

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