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Peed Myself At Best Buy

Black friday.. (the day when department stores have items for dirt cheap)

Michael, my boyfriend wakes me up at 4am like "get dressed and make me coffee" So I do. I brew the mans coffee and get dressed. I of course had coffee as well, a nice big mug of it. I did not go to the bathroom because this man is rushing me, as usual, to get out the door. I didn't pee because I thought the stores opened at 4am so I assumed I could pee there, that didn't happen. We get to Best Buy at 430 waited in line for 45mins until they opened. Living in Minnesota, I decided to wear layers since we would be waiting in lines for stores to open. Two pants, shirts, and socks. As were waiting in line my bladder jirating I was starting to squirm "Michael how much longer do we have to wait?" I asked. "I dunno do you have to pee?" He asks. "yes" I say. "why don't u ever **** at the house? You're not a little girl you're twenty ******* one for Christs sakes! Your not gunna ruin my chances on getting a xbox" He grabbed my arm and started squeezing it, I squirted a little. "you're not ******* six years old, my little sister doesn't even pissed herself as much as you. Little girl!" I rolled my eyes and listened to his rambling for another ten minutes then they finally opened the doors to Best Buy. We were in the middle of the line and they were only letting 20ppl in at a time. "Michael I can't hold it" I said. I really couldn't I had my hand there while he was yelling at me which helped, but I know when we start moving I'm gunna start gushing. "Don't talk to me until I get my **** (xbox)" he snapped. "Michael, please" I pleaded. I don't know why I was asking him for help, he couldn't do anything besides make me feel worse. They finally let us in and handed us gift cards. Michael snatched mine out of my hand and went off on his merrily way. I was on the hunt for the bathroom, I don't mind peeing my pants, but not in public, especially when I'm wearing light colored jeans, because people notice wet spots. That place was so packed, it was Black Friday, but there were hundreds of people in there. I had my hand on my crotch speed walking to the bathroom. Some guy bumped into me I squirted, some little kid ran in front of me I squirted again. I looked at my crotch and didn't notice a wet spot so I kept walking to the back of the store with my hand on my crotch. I get to the bathrooms and guess what there is.. a line! Four middle aged women, six kids, and four seniors then I squirted again. I usually don't squirt this much but I had a tight belt on that was grinding on my bladder. I left the bathrooms disappointed and just walked around the store, not shopping but trying not to **** myself. I was seriously seeing tunnel vision I don't remember seeing electronics or kitchen appliances. All I remember is having my hand dead on my crotch and a couple men glaring at me then at my crotch. I couldn't even grab my phone to text Michael because if I moved my hand I'll squirt. I noticed I was in the music aisle so I started looking through CDs just to take my mind off it. I had my legs crossed so I decided to move my hand from my crotch and browse through CDs.I put on the headphones and started "hopping" to the music of course I don't dance like that but I didn't want to pee all over myself in the alternatives section. I look to my left and it's the same two men watching me as before. I ignored them and kept hopping, that actually helped move the pee up, because I didn't have to pee as bad. My phone vibrated, it was Michael, I took off the headphones and answered "what?" "Did you **** yourself yet?" he asked. "No" I smiled "but I still didn't go there were lines in the bathroom" I said "how many stalls were there?" he asked. "I don't know I didn't count" I said. "Why are u so stupid? I'm walking to the checkout line right now can you keep dry until we get to target?" he asked. "Michael no! I can't hold it for any longer" I yelled. I noticed one of the random men moving closer to me. I looked at my phone and Michael hung up. I started speed walking towards the door when I noticed a massaging chair in another aisle. So I walked towards it "I can pee on this" I thought. Usually when I pee myself sitting down or squatting the pee wont run down my legs and it's not as noticeable. My phone started vibrating, no time for Michael right now. I picked a chair that was secluded from the others and the rest of the aisles. There was a little boy playing his gameboy on it. "Noo" I thought. I walked up to him with my legs clenched tight and asked "Can I please sit there hon?" He looked up and said "yeah" he switched spots and sat directly across from the chair. That meant he would face me while I **** myself, I didn't even care the boy was like nine so I know he'd had an accident before, plus he was into the game. I sat on the chair with my arms pushing up on the arms of the chair, like I'm lifting myself up, and peed all over myself. I was squatting the whole time so I wouldn't sit in the pee, which would make the stain worse. My pee filled my panties, leggings, and the crotch of my light blue jeans. I peed so hard pee started filling the chair and falling on the floor. Then the little boy looked up he looked at me and started playing his game again. I heard Michael yelling my name like three aisles down. I kept peeing and yelled "Michael", when I yelled I started gushing more. "Michael over here!" Michael came out the aisle and saw me, ******* myself in the secluded massaging chair. The little boy ran when he saw Michael. "What are u doing?" he asked. "******* myself on this chair" I said. "You shoulda let me pee this morning, It was all that coffee" I said. "Whatever man, are you done? I'm stepping in you're ****" "Almost, one more squirt" I finished and hopped off the chair. I looked and there was a pond in the chair and a river on the carpet. I rubbed my butt and felt a little wet spot but my coat covered it, no pee on my pants legs! Such a turn on walking around with my warm wet crotch and jeans rubbing against it!! Michael continued to yell at me as we left Best Buy and finished Black Friday shopping. To make him more upset I pissed my jeans again, in the car driving on the way home from the mall.
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^^ Why do people like this ever even read and reply on stories???

It must have been some sexy sight to see you shopping in peed jeans. I hope you still pee yourself in public.

He doesn't appreciate how hot and sexy this is. Best Buy would've been the end of our shopping if it were me. I'd have been taking you home to **** you till your voice gave out :-P

thanks for sharing!

He sounds like a bastard treating you like that just so he can play xbox and ignore you

Your boyfriend sucks girl!

I get the feeling you like having your bladder controlled but your boyfriend doesn't have to be such an ******* about it.

I am appalled at your bf's insensitivity to your needs.

poor u

Wow that's so hot you'd be the perfect gf I wouldn't yell at you for that I would be too turned on

Great story! And well done as you pissed again in the car to make him more upset. It seems that you enjoyed flooding you jeans in public...<br />
PS: I love it to flood my tight jeans in stores and restaurants.

i work at best buy, and i wouldve been so turned on had i found you doing that...

Good story, but your bf sounds like a jerk...

love your story

your bf should love the fact that u pee your pants I know I would txb x

Omg that was the best story I have ever seen. Michael is so lucky, and he's sounds like an ***. But u girl I will go shopping with u anytime and at any store u choose......oh and I'm in minnesota to :-)

Interesting comments. Obviously he LOVES your wet pants and is playing a daddy role which you obviously love too. Don't mean to spoil the fantasy which is hot, just wonder how dumb readers really are here!

dump him before he gets more obgressive. he is a massive **** and doesnt deserve a girl like you. i find it shocking when a man teats a woman like that. if he hits you arrest him.

your bf is such a JERK!!!!!! he doesnt deserve you!

I know you like the wetting, but I love your desperation. I think you should be punished for ******* your pants. Your punishment will be so harsh, cruel, and painful that you would avoid ******* your pants at all costs. Want to hear a story about you?

I"m sorry but that boyfriend of yours is a MAJOR ***! I'd Dump him on the spot after that. find myself a new guy that can treat a lady with some respect. I'm sorry, but no woman deserves to be treated like that. ever!

Your boyfriend sounds like that part of your body that poop comes out of!!!!!!!! Its good that you enjoy peeing your pants but you should not have to put up with that mutt Michael bossing you and being so mean to you.He does not deserve to have a girl friend.HAppy pooping.

Not that it's anyones business, but why do you put up with an *** hole like that?

Your bf sounds like a jerk :/ that is why I switched to girls :)

yea dump mike, i would love to have you pee on me i would pee with you...

interesting! I am from MN as well and was surprised when you said you were from here as well. Anyway, nice story, besides getting yelled at it sounds like you enjoyed your desperate accident.

Bet one of those guys who were watching you would've loved to see you pee yourself. Then they'd be trying to hide their hard-ons.

sounds like you should dump micheal. I loved the desperationa dn relieving part though!!!!

you go girl glad you enjoyed it