I Had A Accident

I had a accident when I was 14 in school. I was in class and felt like I needed to go but it was ok I could hold it wel half way through class I really had to go bad but we were testing and were not allowed to leave till we were through with the test.I finished but it was only five min till the end of the class so I thought I could hold that long and did but when the bell rung as I stood up to turn and help the prettiest girl in class get her things off the floor where they fell I lost all control and soaked myself and her shoes too but to my suprise she didn't laugh the others did but not her she was also the captian of the cheerleading squad and felt bad for me and all and said she knew the pain of haveing to go cause she had to too and wispered to me that she was affraid to move cause she felt like she was going to do the same thing.well teacher told the kids to go on her included but when she moved she also lost it all and again the kids made fun of us and so did the teacher he told us to go to class as the testing had to keep going and that he would have it cleaned up but our next class was together and was the last class of the day so when we got to class the teacher told us just to sit and do our test and then we could go home well this was hard to do wet but we did it and before we got through I noticed she was peeing again worse than before and I did need to go so I made sure she was looking and let it happen the second time and then the school called us the pee pee twins and threw her off the team and all .I asked her what was going on with her and she said that she was born this way but today she didn't have a diaper to wear and it happens every 30 to 45 min through out her life and if she drinks water it is lots worse but I told her that it was ok and asked if she would go to the dance with me and we did wet or not she was a great woman till she was killed and I lost her forever .I have never met another woman like her that would give me the time of day.
wettingfreak wettingfreak
41-45, M
Dec 21, 2011