How I Got Started

Well, for many years I've had really wet farts that I love the smell of. when I was fifteen, in the tenth grade, I had my accident. Right when i got to school one day in January, I got the urge to take a ****. Not wanting to use public school bathrooms, I tensed my butt and held it.
I made it through a lot of the day with only a couple of scares. this day in particular, people were being very stupid and asinine. On the bus especially, this one kid who I was sort of friends with kept poking my stomach. I finally got off the bumpy bus a block from my house, and I was prairie dogging about an inch. I finally got to the door, only to find it locked with no one home. i fumbled through my pocket for my keys only to find I'd left them home.
Panicked, I left my book-sack by the door and started walking the four blocks to the nearby public park. I made it there, a long wet fart slowly bubbling out of my ***. I grabbed the door-handle, already agitated over the day's events. it to was locked on that cold January day, until five P.M. i walked over to a bench, my legs shaking to keep the load in. I looked at my watch, and it was three fifteen. Finally I said aloud to myself "**** it."
I squatted down right there in the empty park, and pushed a huge firm log into some white bikini-cut panties. At first, i felt embarrassed and alarmed by how big the initial bulge was. I ran my hand over the seat of the skintight corduroys, which outlined my *** perfectly, feeling the hard bulge between my *** cheeks. I found the *** warmth comforting, so I pushed, still squatting. My butt opened, pushing out inch after inch of the dump I'd been holding in for eight hours now. The dump I took was incredibly loud in the khakis, big wet bubbles popping loudly against the congealing logs. I went on ******** myself for about a minute before the load finally ran out of space. I felt the seat of the pants, and was astonished to feel the two inch deep bulge right over my asscrack that covered the whole thing.
I stood up and farted loudly, before realizing how unbearably horny I was. I hid behind a tree, and rubbed myself through my pants. As I could feel the *** dampening the crotch of my school pants, I grunted and pushed a last five inch log into the panties. I came right after, a thick and heavy ****** that was and possibly still is one of the best ones I've ever had. I moaned loudly right as I came, and farted uncontrollably for about five seconds after. Alarmed, I looked around the park, but was thankful that no one was around.
I relaxed, allowing my back to slide down the tree. I sat on the load, somewhat crushing it against my ***. It was so warm and relieving that I rubbed my crotch again until I had a second not-so-great ******, farting on and off for the couple of minutes I rubbed myself. I got up, feeling the drenched crotch of my corduroys and the stickiness of the huge crushed load against my formidably huge ***. It wasn't until this day that I realized how big the ***** I take are:P
Afterwards, I rushed home. Each step I took crushed the huge dump against my huge butt. Once I got home, I checked the seat of my pants. It was darker brown than the rest, pretty noticeably. Once my dad got home, I sat down against the wall by the door, hiding my ****. He asked why I'd been outside, and I explained the key-less situation. He let me in, and I went in after him, strategically hiding my *** the whole way. Once he went into his room to change out of his work stuff, I ran into the bathroom. I pulled down my pants, seeing that some poop had leaked into them. I dropped them on the tile, and took off the panties. The load was massive, and smeared against my legs on the way down. I stood on the scale, weighing in at 123(fat:c). Then I grabbed the panties with mass of poop in them, and stood on the scale, weighing in at 125. I had taken a two pound dump, surprisingly. I turned the panties inside out over the toilet, and the loud splash made me cringe. It was so loud I thought my dad may have heard, but I assumed not after a few seconds of silence.
I looked at the mass in the toilet, measuring about five inches by three inches, and awkwardly shaped due to the way I'd crushed it. I flushed the toilet, only to find it clogged. I grabbed an empty toilet paper roll, and stuck it in the water. I used it to break up the massive turd. As I was using it, a chunk of poop fell off my *** and splattered on the floor. It was a circle about two inches in diameter. I giggled quietly at the sound, then cleaned it up with some toilet paper and tossed it in the toilet. The smell in the bathroom at this point was horrible. I almost gagged the second time I flushed the toilet, the load broken enough to go down. I felt a fart move down through my body. I leaned forward, and grabbed my right *** cheek, pulling my butt open a little bit. I pushed it out, a long wet fart that felt incredibly relieving. Before it finished, another chunk of diarrhea fell on the floor. I let my *** close, then picked up the diarrhea and threw it into the toilet with some toilet paper. I got in the shower not long after, hearing my parents' bedroom door open.
My dad didn't find it suspicious that I'd gotten straight into the shower, thank God. I knew he could smell the horrible fragrance of the bathroom as he walked by it though. This shower is one I remember, as I was incredibly gassy and excited. I had just gotten away with ******** my panties, only to find I could do it daily if I had my key. I also realized that it was a turn on for me that day, and the simplicity of just dropping a load in some panties. I sat in the shower, pondering; watching the water turn brown as it ran through the smears on my ***. I moved back and forth, opening my butt a little bit. I farted, a short wet one that caused the last couple chunks of poop stuck in my butt to run down through the water.
The stains ended up washing out of the jeans and mostly for the panties; it was just a vague discoloration over most of the seat. From there on in, my life changed for the better.
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so sexy

Great story<3

Very nice story! :) Pooping in pants feels so lovely and amazing and you donĀ“t know it until you pooping in your pants at first time :)
When I lived with my parents, I pooped in my pants often. A few times it was a very close to caught by my parents and at once I was with poop in my pants at home after school when my sister came to home from school :p

Awesome story. So hot too.

I still read this story once in a while it just gets me so hard it really does

So so hot loved the bit where you said you slid down the tree and sat down in your poop

Thats the way to be and life will be great

Amazingly sexy story :-) Would like my hand to be under your butt at the moment :-)

Loving story :)

you are not fat

great first experience story!

couldn't stop ************ to this story

That was hot! I was feeling quite horny from reading your story. I'm glad you made the best from being locked out of the house and having a poopy accident in your panties.

Wonderful account thank you so much for sharing, we have all been in that position and now spend our lives trying to reinact well I know I do .... Thanks again for sharing

amazing story what a first experience of panty pooping wish mine was that good lol

Darling,<br />
your story made my day, it's so sexy!!! <3

i was reading a story from ILoveFarting that also mentioned weight and she said she was fat too... yall do realize that 120-ish isn't fat right? :<br />
<br />
anyway i loved the story, it reminded me of my 1st on purpose pants pooping. kinda made me wanna type it out but i'm suppose to be getting sleep for work tonight so it'll have to wait. also i'm adding you like i did with ILF so i can easily see any new stories you two add. keep up the great experiences :)

i'm fat. get over it:p

I like this. This is what you call good material girl good staff.

Awsome story,Im glad it turned you into a pantspooper!