At Work

I was at my desk entering information on my computer, when I felt a twinge in my bladder. Iran half hunched over to the bathroom and when I got there I felt wetness in my socks. I walked back to my office and shut the door and pulled out my chaging supplies and changed myself into a fresh diaper
CraftyMom8937 CraftyMom8937
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4 Responses Nov 25, 2012

In a response to another of your stories I asked if you would consider wearing a diaper. Now I understand that you do wear a diaper. I just wondering why this one leaked to much. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the whole experience, I know I do when I put off peeing too long and just can't help myself. I'm holding as I type this and soon I will have to go out to t he garage and move some boxes, that will be interesting...and probably quite leaky. I'm debating a diaper or just wet pants.

I guess in some situtions a diaper can be useful but I much prefer to pee my pants when I can as it adds to the feelin of 'naughtiness'

i always Carey a pull up diaper i never know when i will need it

Now That is a CraftyMOM!!!!! Now I wish I could have what you Have!!