So i had ben constipated which is un usual because i usually **** alot for fun but so i had got my old job back at mcdonalds and i had a lunch date today this guy i met a week or 2 ago wanted to feed me and make me eat (hes into that) so the nite b4 this all happened i took some laxitives hopeing to wake up and finally **** but that didnt happen so i ended up getting dressed for work and took 2 more. so im working and after an hour i felt the urge to **** but my boss told me 30min till my lunch break so i had to hold it. I started farting between taking peoples horders next thing you know my guy comes in and orders my food and hes real bossy and told me i better come straight to the tabel at break (i like that) so my break comes around and i tell him i have to go to the restroom he told me wait and eat 1st so i ate 3 big macs and a large fry and befor i knew it my break was over i was so mad because i still had to ****. My boss said i shoulda went on my break and i wish i did because 15 min after my break was over i was taking somones order when i couldnt wait no more i ******* in the middle of them talking it was a long loud **** you could hear it packing up and making squishing noises and me farting everyone looked at me as i took deep breaths letting out more and more ****. My boss sent me home and i had to walk a whole 2 miles with my *** covered in ****
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that was mean of your date & boss , what must you think of men ? just as well you got free lunch & full pay & a good time after, that was funny , loved it

I'd love to feed u laxatives and feed u and then go to ur place and feed ur 6 pies and u tell me u have to ****. I can c ur *** cheeks hard as Rick and then for fun we play twister naked. I'm fingering u every chance I have and then finally u can't take it u fall pinning me down in 69 and release ur valves I can c ur panties overflow the magma goes all over me and then u sit up on my chest bounce a few times giggle and say ur still hungry