Not My Intention

If I have hurt or offended anyone, I apologize sincerely. From the depths of my soul, I have tried to be honest and caring. I would never intentionally harm anyone, and I have. I am sorry I am such a disappointment, that was not of my doing. i am who and what I am, and I honestly don't even know myself what that is. I have had tears for the last week, and you never even noticed. I realize now, you will never look at me that way again, I just hope to remain a part, any part of your life. If it is that of a wife, i will reconcile to my fate. I am hurt myself, and I hit my knees for hours, but nothing changes. I can not be something I am not. And what I am, I still do not know. I have tried to be what you need and want, but I just am not.

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Mar 4, 2010