Not Really Proud of It.

And so, I didn't read my Bible today.

I usually try to read every day, before I go out and do anything else. Or sometimes I do a few things and then comeback while my mind is still ready to learn. I know it's important. That's how I my Savior talks to me and shows me things. That way I can learn from other peoples examples what it really means to follow Jesus.

The thing is I really didn't read today and I hate that I really don't feel like doing it. I might just be tired. Either way, I didn't read yesterday either, and it gets easier not to do it every time you miss a day. Doesn't it?

I know every day is not the same. Some days are battles, some days are chillin' trips. Today was kind of plain and straight. And put on top that I didn't read my Savior's love letter to me today; and there you go... Recipe for a plain boring day. No excitement.

I encourage you to read your Bible. Even though I didn't do it today, I plan on doing so tomorrow befor work. Maybe tomorrow we both will say..."I read my Bible today!"


iliv4mysavior iliv4mysavior
18-21, F
Jul 31, 2007