Youth Is Wasted On the Young....

 So they say. I think I now know what that means.

This morning I was looking at some photos of me in my twenties. I have none of me in my teens as I was unhappy with myself then and thought i looked ugly. 

Guess what I saw? A cute, twinkly-eyed girl winking back at me! AND I looked GOOD in a bikini!!


I wish I'd had more photos taken then. They all have to be photoshopped nowdays *grins*


mamma570 mamma570
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3 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Lol - Thanks, I dont know about that, but as per usual, what I lack I make up for with enthusiasim.<br />
<br />
Iv always said if you've got it, flaunt it - and if you dont, fake it!<br />
That is - flaunt as if you have it :)

I'm glad. I bet you are gorgeous !

Im still in my 20s but the other night we were looking back at photos from high school - terrible hair, bad skin, awful clothes - but MAN I was skinny when I was 18 - I cant believe I thought I was big! Teenagers generally seem to have a pretty distorted view of themselves. So glad Im happier with myself now - I ALWAYS pose for photos!