I Get Carried Away

It is strange really. I like to wet myself as much as possible. Sometimes I can pee straight away as soon as I feel the need like in the pub or the cinema and just wet myself where I am, and sometimes I have to wait a bit because I am not somewhere that I can be discrete. Normally I have full control of my bladder and it is all quite easy and straightforward.

But sometimes, if I have been wetting myself a lot and have not had to worry about it, just feeling the urge and letting go where I am, it becomes a bit of a habit and as soon as I feel the need to pee I just let go. This has happened a few times.

Once I was at work. I had been wetting myself on the train on the way to work, I had just been peeing through my black suit skirt and it was lovely and wet. I peed down my legs before I went in to work as well just to empty out because I do not like to do too much wetting at work and I needed to last until break time before I could pee again. I was just sitting at my desk, fully aware of the nice dampness that was still in my skirt as I moved around when I felt that my bladder was not empty. I just instinctively let go and started wetting myself just as if I was still on the train.

 Wetting myself never goes unnoticed by me of course, it always feels nice as my warm pee squirts between my thighs and soaks into my skirt. I enjoyed the rewarmed dampness in my skirt as well as feeling the warmth from my now damp chair. Fortunately it was only a few seconds before I realised what I was doing and I stopped peeing, I had not done too much that it would notice once I had let it soak in for a bit.

 It is not that I don't allow myself an occasional trickle in the office, a little pee down my legs anywhere will never be noticed and I can always let a little spurt soak into the back of my skirt when I sit, but I can't just soak everything around my desk area on a too regular basis.

So watch out, wetting yourself is really nice and can be a bit more habit forming than you might think.

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great story thank you

Of course with the water turned off!<br />
<br />
There is a fair bit of pee around at home, which is inevitable when I come in with wet feet and sit down wearing clothes that I have peed through. As long as it dries and stays dry it does not get noticed, I drink enough that there is no colour to my pee, but any moisture can bring out a mild pee smell, such as cleaning up something that has been spilled with a damp cloth.<br />
<br />
Sometimes I need to let a little pee out when I am at home, and I do, but never a full wetting.<br />
<br />

Your incredible freedom to **** everywhere is wonderful. But do you ever "get carried away" at home? How are your carpets there? You would not need to be as careful as at the office, but since you hydrate frequently, I would guess that at home there would be times when the carpet or chair get soaked... although you said somewhere that you usually pee in the shower (I assume with the water turned off)...

omg i was bursting in school today and started to pee without realisin will post story l8r

I landed up with a wet office chair on several occations. On a few I had to go out for lunch so pushed the chair far under the desk and hoped that nobody pulled it out. Over night it did not matter too much as it was generally dry by morning. Once I had wet rings and had to wash the chair after hours to remove them. Mostly these were caused by over wetting dispers that then leaked. I like to pace my wetting and once I get started can get into an almost constant slow trickle. I can easily forget how long I have been wetting and have these accidents.