As a Matter of Fact...

it's been quite a few nights... i don't know if the sandman forgot me... oddly enough i'm not even feeling slightly tired. maybe slightly bored... lol i mean how much can you talk to yourself when everyone else is knocked out.  i can't think of any sort of cure... altho since i'm not feeling horrible perhaps i don't need one.  maybe a good punch in the face... but then i think i'd just be awake... and in pain. 

mmmm scratching that idea off the list.
synomaly synomaly
22-25, F
3 Responses Jun 22, 2007

im the same. i havent slept for 5 weeks. yet im not even slightley tierd at ALL!

Might want to try working out to make yourself tired. You might be an insomniac, they make medication for that, or you can go to the health food store and ask if they know any herbal remedies to help you sleep. I suggest Chamomile tea.

Your body can't go to long without sleep. Be careful though, I am sure the tired will hit at the most inopportune moment.