Constant Battle

Trying my best to maintain my composure
each day goes by as the urge gets stronger,I grow a little weaker
and my ability to withstand this pain is less apparent.
Unable to think of anything capable of making me love self,
My empty space, I try to replace,
with a warm embrace from this one and that one
but every attempt is a hopeless effort.
Now I’m left lost, Confused and discouraged.
Trying to find a path for me,the one GOD chose to be my destiny.
My flesh is holding me back, worldly ways blurring my vision,
But greater is HE that is within me!
So although I feel like giving up he keeps me pushing on.
A constant battle between my flesh and spirit is wearing me down
I need to be carried because right now its hard to be strong.
In my solitude Im crying out loud...
"I know there has to be more! What am I living for?"...
Then his light shines down on me and once again I see.
My pain is pacified for the moment until the enemy returns
taking me out of my element creating again this battle within.
crymusic crymusic
Jan 22, 2013