Not How I Planned

All my life I had this plan to wait for that special someone for my husband..but that's not exactlly how it worked out,I lost my virginty at 14 and it wasn't even with someone that was special to me at that time,and you know how all the health teacher tell yoy not to have sex while you a teenage so you won't have an unplanned pregnancy..that's what happend to me,I was pregnant at 14..and I am happy I didn't wait...I now have a beautiful son a fabulous boyfriend and a great father!!! I'm not encouraging every 14 yeR old girl to go out and do it because I have a great's just things worked out for me..and I'm happy with the way my life turned out!
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Well said Jade! Someone told me this guy is like going around randomly harrasing people..

Don't waste your time Ry..she obviously has no life

What the ****! Are you serious! Get a life and stop trying to harass people over the Internet ***** takes a **** like you to call someone a ****!

Report you..that's what he can do<br />
<br />
Who the hell are you anyway!

Ok,well once I was already pregnant there was nothing I could do about it! Getting pregnant wasn't planned,but I love my son more than anything and his father and I provide for him very well for your information..go to "ARJDfamily" page and call me a **** to him..

Um,no! I'm saying even though I did get pregnant so young I love my lil boy and I don't regret anything in my life!

Thank you!yIn very happy my boyfriend and I are proving all the statistics wrong

I'm glad you're doing well and happy! You don't see that much with young mothers.