Mutual Agreement

I had been with the most wonderful woman I had ever met for only a few months before I proposed to her. She said yes, but her parents said we'd have to wait a few years when they found out.
I had moved out to college, and she stayed at home, so our relationship continued long distance, but we'd keep visiting each other every chance we got.
Engaged for almost two years, we had been fooling around, having fun, but never having sex. We had agreed to wait until marriage before having sex, so that we'll know by then if we could make it through. We agreed to take a break just after we hit two years, and she started seeing someone else fairly soon after. I tried to date other people, but the first girl I tried dating wanted too much from the first date, and was trying to get me to have sex with her. The break turned into a break up.
We stayed apart for about two months, I had given up on trying to see anybody else and just waited for her to get over her break, listening to every word she had to say and loving her with my whole heart every second of every day.
One weekend I came down to visit her, she was still seeing the boyfriend. We were left alone, seeing as how her parents knew we split up, and they knew she was dating someone else. We got caught up in the moment (I'm leaving the details out, feel free to use your imagination) and we wound up lying in her bed after losing our virginity to each other.
She felt extremely guilty, as did I, about cheating on her boyfriend and making love to her ex. When she told him, they broke up, but she didn't get back together with me. Another guy asked her out, whom she kinda liked, but I warned her I caught him staring at her chest every time he looked at her.
Not even 24 hours later, he had asked her over a text message if they could ****. They broke up almost instantly, but I wasn't informed about any of this second boyfriend until I came down to visit her about a week later. We took the opportunities we got to make love whenever they showed up, but still didn't get back together.
Finally after another few weeks had passed, I asked her if she would go back out with me, and she was extremely happy we were back together. Since then, we've enjoyed each other many times, never regretting that we didn't wait until marriage except until her father finds out.
Adnon2012 Adnon2012
May 9, 2012