If The Shoe Fits

No, I didn't wait until marriage, not even close. My grandma, rest her soul, used to have a great theory regarding premarital sex. She reasoned that we all tried on our shoes before making a purchase to make sure they fit, why wouldn't we "try on" a man before making a life-long commitment to him? I have to admit that her reasoning contradicted everything I was raised to believe, but even now after all these years, I still have to agree with her.

Sex is so very important in sustaining the emotional and physical intimacy in a marriage, it seems very ironic that we are taught not to consider sexual compatibility when choosing a mate. To me, it seems like a recipe for extramarital affairs and divorces.

So, despite my upbringing, I have tried on a few shoes over the years....just to make sure they fit. I've been wearing my current pair for almost 16 years, and although they sometimes give me blisters from hell and make my feet scream in pain, they're still my favorite ;)
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Right now, I'm feeling like an old pair of shoes.....But I LOVE the analogy! :D

Sounds pragmatic. I find that sometimes you also need to make sure the shoes will last. Everything feels find in good weather, but only in bad weather do you realize what they are really made of, if they can endure or if they will fall apart or throw you under a bus.

With one life to live, you don't want shoes that will betray you when times get hard.

Your Grandma had a really good point.

Yup I have to agree. To not address sexual compatibility would be akin to only having half of the information about anything before making a major decision on it.

Love how you express yourself!

Right on!


Love how you express yourself!

Right on!


Cute story I liked how you worded it, your metaphor

you're perfect. :) thanks to grandma for passing down her tried and true wisdom!

Great story, brought a smile to my face, thanks

I've never known a women who didn't enjoy shoe shopping. Just because you have your favorite pair you women still love the feeling of a new pair.

Love love love the analogy! Down to socks and getting dressed up lol.made my day :)

Hmmmm, i am thinking that every once in a while, it is nice to try on a new pair of shoes, give them a few days, run around the block in them, especially if the shoes, massage your feet, and make you feel like a new woman every time you wear them!

sometimes it's nice to dress up in a new pair for a while ;) xo