I Didn't Wait...

...and do not recommend anyone else do so either.

I gave away my virginity, after it had long outlived its usefulness one afternoon with a girl I'd been seeing one summer. I loved dating her but in the back of my mind knew I'd not be marrying her, I couldn't explain why, but I just felt in my heart that we were very unlikely to wed. We're not seeing each other anymore but looking back, I'm happy to have been her boyfriend for a part of my life as I not only discovered so much about my sexuality, but also learned so much, and do feel that in order to be a good husband, one needs to have been a good boyfriend beforehand, and that comes with numerous experiences, sexual and not, I always thought. The relationship experiences I've had, I wouldn't trade for anything as they've made me who I am. 

darkarts101 darkarts101
31-35, M
May 17, 2012