I was 15 years old when i lost my virginity.  It was October 18th 2005, 4 days after i started dating this boy.  He was 17.  We had met at our schools homecoming dance.  I immediately thought he was cute and was interested in him when he came up and started talking to his friend that i was dancing with.  later on in the dance i seen him staring at me and he waved me over.  He said he wanted to make his ex jealous and we should kiss.  So we went over to the area his ex was dancing with her new boyfriend and started making out.  I felt so connected to him even though we had just met.  After the dance was over we exchanged numbers and planned to hang out the next day.  We didn't end up hanging out because i was chicken but i called him that night and we talked for hours until like 2am or so.  During that week we talked everynight and finally hung out that friday.  He took me a school football game and we laughed and had fun with my friends.  later in the night he asked me to be his girlfriend and i accepted.  Only 4 days later i lost my virginity.  I was hanging out at his house and asked him to show me his room.  Then when he was facing the other direction showing me stuff in his room i took off my shirt.  Thinking about it now and writing it kinda makes me realize how silly i was.  He didn't pressure me at all and kept asking "are you sure" i told him i was sure and he put a condom on and we had sex.  I remember it lasting awhile.  Seemed like it took forever.  It hurt only when he did the pulling out postion but not going in.  I tried to get on top but it hurt too much.  I remember going to school the next day feeling like a piece of me was missing.  But i got over it.  At some point we stopped using condoms and i ended up pregnant at 15.  We ended up giving the baby up for adoption and staying together for 3 years.  There were a lot of ups and downs and we currently don't speak.  But i will always remember my first love R.L.J
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May 23, 2012