Love Knows No Bounds

This guy Ive had a thing with for the longest time. A year and almost a half couldn't have been more perfect. We discussed realtionships and maybe starting one, but he didnt feel comfortable with it quite yet. After two weeks of constantly spending time together he finally felt ready, and so did I. We started going out, but our felings made for the best first time I could ever had imagined. I would have liked to save it til marriage, but the moment was perfect.
gabicul gabicul
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1 Response Aug 1, 2012

You go with what YOU feel is right!

It did feel right! The upside is I got pregnant :) but the part that sucks is hes gone for 6 months. Ill be facing it alone, but the last 3 months I heard are the ones that count!

Your not alone. You have support from other wives on base and people here. I'm sure a few other wives will be there in your last 3 months and delivery. I be here for support and advice. I served in Vietnam