I can still remember the day I lost it, crystal clear. Where both university students that time, I was 19 and he was 21. His family is my family's business partner, during that time. The first time we met was back way I'm 15. He's a good friend of mine. We watch movies together and calls each other almost every day. Then, he started flirting, which I do not find interesting. After that I do not text him back nor call him again, ever. Because I find him harassing me. So, meaning we don't have communication for almost 4 years. (Even when they visit at home I probably lock my door and wait for them to leave). Without knowing it, we went to the same university. Due to distance travel I rented an apartment near the university and went every Saturday and Sundays. When our class started we went to the gym to have physical education. I saw him, and he approached me. I approached back to him. We had a little conversation and I feel being comfortable with him, again. 

We started again to be friends. Holidays movies and trips became our past time. One night he visits me at my apartment. I was shocked 'coz he didn't even called me or text mo to say he'll drop by. He brought something to drink and something to watch. So I let him in my apartment. It was nothing awkward or something like that 'coz were friends now. We sat on the couch and started to watch movies. We drunk but not too much 'coz I'm not into drinking. I just had some and we finish half of it. After I get some food at the kitchen. I sat again at the couch. And he sat near me founding his hands on my shoulders. I feel pretty comfortable with it. I can feel it going down to my right breast. Now I feel his hand inside my shirt and under my bra. And started to massage it going to my nipple and playing with it. Slowly and softly. He's lips unto my neck started to dump slowly and then kiss it . I admit it felt good I close my eyes and let him do that. His other hand on my back pushing me near him. I got scared and I'd tried to pull him away with my hands but my force is not enough to do that. And because of that he push me harder on his body. He kiss my mouth and i can feel his mouth in my mouth. Slowly again, it just like he's teaching me how to kiss. He whisper near my ear put my hands on his shoulder  and I did. His hands where now exploring all over my body. He stopped kissing me and look into my eyes. Because he stopped I taught it was the end of that. 

I was speechless and don't know what to do. He kissed me again and again. It was late when I notice I was lying on the couch. He  start to undress me. Removing my bra first and unbutton my shorts. He let my shirt and underwear. He stopped kissing me and gaze at me again. I can see he's enjoying my innocence. He rubbed my ***** back and forth and afterwards when he saw I'm already wet, he removed my underwear and started to kiss and almost eat it. It's addictive, I admit. I moan, it was my first time to feel that excitement and enjoyment at  the same time. And now I can feel his tongue inside me in and out, I can feel the pounding inside my body causing me to feel like I was hopeless and not in myself. Running out of my breath he continue to ate my ***** and stopped ,I think ,when he had enough. 

After he stopped, He laid on top of me. He was heavy and I'm not comfortable with our position. Good thing he adjusted his position and sucked my nipple while massaging it. I can feel his rock hard **** damping on my leg. He stopped again. And now I don't now why, I was enjoying the pleasure at that very moment. I look at him and he smiled. He carry me from the couch to the bedroom. I said I can manage but he didn't let me to walk by myself. He laid me on my be and started to kiss me again. He removed his boxers and now I can see his ****, it was at least 6 1/2" if I'm not mistaken. I was excited yet nervous to do that. I told him I'm not ready yet. But told me don't be scared. Just the words I need to hear at that moment. He spread my legs wider and hold my waist. Slowly he let it in. It was painful at first, I almost cried 'coz it really hurts and there's a blood making him smile, and after felt good. In and out, I can't count how many times he did that. Slowly and then faster and faster. It felt really good. I can do nothing but moan louder and louder. And I can feel his balls banging on me which i found addictive too.  He told me he's going to *** and *** inside me. After that I felt very weak  and he kiss me and we went to sleep. The next day I can't even move. But it was definitely paid off. 
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Nice description of breaking of Hymen

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