He Was 20, I Was 14

He said he was in love with me and everything. So stupid me, i believed him.

I had sex with him in a motel and it hurt so much. He did all sorts of things to me and in the end. He dumped me. I guess he just used me for sex.

That`s one of the things i regret the most.
Schylar Schylar
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He's a rapist, he needs to be in jail :/

that sucks
forgive me if that doesn't sound poetic
but thats really the only way to say it

Would you care to add me and talk about it? I can be a listening ear and a shoulder if you need it.

Don't listen to idiots who tell you to charge him with rape, you can still take action but remember you were not forced; though he has broken the law with underage sex.

Well , what did you expect ? I understand though your feelings girl.

You shoulder charge him with "rape"
Hope you're doing fine.

I just read this and rethought everything. Thanks.

I am sorry your first experience was not one to be treasured for the rest of your life

hi dear..ad mee skypes..asankap12..id

I think many men exploit young teenage girls, pretending that they love the girls, and that's a pitty.

it did.. Thanks. :) Haha yeah. i agree!!

It`s okay. :) What do you mean by you cant add me? :o