Given For Lust

No I did not wait until marriage to share that special part of myself to a man... I wasnt even in love him, but at the time, I thought I was... I was 18, his name was Ryan... Before I go on a little background on me... I hadnt even thought about sex all my friends couldnt believe I was still a virgin... I just wasnt focused on boys... I was quite, shy, blushed a lot around men. My first kiss was in junior high, but I didnt kiss anyone else, go to first, second, third base, nothing until I met Ryan, hell I didnt even **********.... Anyway I met him through a friend of a friend I was 17 just graduated highschool when I met him... He was older he was 20, we had an instant connection, we dated for only a month on my birthday is when I kicked 1st & second base out the & 4 days later I was so horny I didnt care I just knew I wanted more... He made it romantic, lit candles ect... When it was over I hurt I bled & thought to myself, sex we did it alot after that & it was okay but I never was crazy about it... Found out later it because I never had an ******, but that a different story... After about 2 months of dating I found out he was cheating on me the entire time & just wanted to be my first for everything.. I cried for days because he was the only man to ever touch or caress me in an intimate way... Yeah oh well I guess such it
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you should take care now, forget the past

Sorry that you had to deal with a scumbag for your first time. It probably doesn't go in the books as a special memory. I to was a virgin until I was graduated high school. I met the girl who would become my wife and she too was a virgin. Will always remember when she gave herself to me on my birthday and will always bring a smile to my face when I think back to that day.

Aww thats special, yeah I was pretty hurt, it sucked the most because like I said I was a virgin to everything.... But like I said such is :)

Such an *******! Sorry sweetie

I'm sorry he wasn't faithful to you. I think that's important in any relationship that lasts.

Nah dont be :) I was 18 nothing lasts at that age :)

Some people are lucky and find someone good for them at that age.

At least you found out earlier in the relationship rather than later - fidelity is important.

great story thanks for sharing