The Least Romantic Way To Lose It

I have no idea why I’m posting this but I am. I remember my first time quite clearly. It happened a few years ago when I was 16, he was 19 and it was in March. I had a friend who was talking to a guy who had graduated from our school a year before. He actually used to date a girl who was in our class. Anyway, he was single and I was single so we started talking. Mostly all we talked about was sex. He came over to my house a few times to see me and meet my parents. Shortly after that, we went on our first date. We were on our way to the theater and we were talking about sex and he asked if I wanted to pull over and have sex. I wanted to lose my virginity because in my mind, if I didn’t lose it then I would never lose it. I was a plain, chubby girl who had low self-esteem.
Any way I said yes and he pulled over to an abandoned camper that was trashed and was a place for the potheads to smoke. We had sex on a dirty bed for a few minutes. It surprisingly didn’t hurt but it was uncomfortable. We had to stop because he saw a police car drive by. We got dressed and we went to the theater to watch Alice in Wonderland. Afterwards, he called me his girlfriend. A week later he broke up with me but we still remained friends and we still had sex.
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I was 17 when I lost my virginity to girl who was 17 also but I am sort of a try before you buy sorta person. I have known people who hold their viginity waiting and waiting and when they get married the other partner who has done the same thing has no labido. Anyways I have been trying to add you to no avail and this is one of the only ways I can ask so I will leave it up to you and hope we get to be good EP friends. ciao bella

Yeah. Doesn't sound like it was exactly a romance novel type of moment.
but well my first time was not a fancy thing either. When I was 17 I wanted to have sex because I was tired of some people thinking I was a loser if I didn't get some sex.
So I met this girl that was a cheerleader and a pretty sexy thing and she really liked me.
She also had a boyfriend. I big boyfriend that could have kicked my butt if he found out I was messing around with his girl. But she liked me more than him. and she took me out and we hung out and watched a funny movie then we got into bed and she started me up and we went at it. But it wasnt all that fancy. It was my first time and i was nervous and I kept thinking about her boyfriend and how he would kick my butt if he found out.. and if she was going to tell people about this and it the story would get back to him and he would be after me. But I did have sex with her > but the whole thing was a bit weird.
She would borrow his Jeep and then come pick me up and wed drive around and even fool around in HIS jeep and Id have to worry if somebody would see us and he'd find out and come to kick my butt. He was a huge guy and a football player and not a nice guy either. He did see me with her one time. but he didn't say anything or suspect anything. She told him she was just giving me a ride home because my car broke down but man
a few times we almost got caught then my older brother said you better stop messing around with her and stay away from her or he is going to find out and get you dude.
Then I realized. He was right. So I stopped messing around with her and luckily I didn't get caught and I didn't get beat up buy the big drunken football player boyfriend. ha ha

Wow! You got so lucky lol. I'm glad you didn't get beat up by that football player.