I Never Said I Would

I have many friends who are saying they wish to wait.
Whenever the topic came there were certain friends I wouldn't even express my opinion around so maybe they just automatically thought that i wanted the same.
I had my views and my ideal situation of how I would liked to have lost it but it was never in wedlock. But I soon learnt that reality is a whole different ball game, it was completely different situation to how I even imagined it.
I made new friends, came across new experiences that opened my mind. In the end I lost it in a way that the majority of my old friends would not agree with and at one stage maybe I would not have agreed with. But it was my choice. a conscious decision that I am glad that I made.
I was worried about telling my old friends, afraid of being judged and even losing friendships. Then I realised that I did nothing wrong and that I am also in power of who I choose to tell and who I do not. What someone doesnt know cant hurt them right?
CalypsoChisisi CalypsoChisisi
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 1, 2012

I agree,,glad you made a decision your happy with

Just comet to the conclusion that life is too short to always do what is expected of you by others. Coz then you will never be happy and you cannot please everyone. Now I do what I want

yes it's good thing to do what you want ,and who you want it with and be happy and not worry about anyone else and what they think