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Wait? What's Wait?

When I was young I thought girls didn't want sex. It took me until about age 18 to find out different. The first one I banged was an "older" (29) nurse who had just recovered from having her uterus removed from having cervical cancer.  Her hospital comment was, "That's when they take out the baby carriage and leave the play pen".  She was out to prove that she was still "female" without her uterus, and she was putting her "play pen" to very good use.

I only regret that I didn't know how much women want sex when I was a few years younger.  Looking back on it I could easily have banged 3 or 4 high school GFs, maybe more, a few summer babes I met, and even the MILFs of some of them.  Its a shame.  I've made up for it since I suppose, but a MILF not banged is a night of pleasure you will never get back. 
Gnarlyoldman Gnarlyoldman 66-70, M Nov 27, 2012

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