He Promised Me Lies.

He was everything. Imperfectly perfect. And though I slept everyday, with fear and doubt that he might leave me someday, I ignored it. Because love is blind.

And love makes you do crazy things.

Being a girl who was raised in a strict religious family, falling in love before marriage wasn't something we did. So when the guy I fell for came along and promised me forever, ofcourse I went against my self respect. Thinking that forever can be possible, with a guy who I now know was only after my virginity.

I loved it. The way he'd seduce me onto the bed. The way he'd trail down my chest. The way he'd kiss my **** before diving right in and eating my wet treasure. I couldn't help it. By then I wanted him in me. I wanted him deep against my walls, ******* me until I could hardly breath. I begged for it. And he gave it to me.

So gently.
So heavenly.

Here I am trying to forget
Salieria Salieria
Dec 2, 2012