No Point In Waiting.

We had been waiting our whole lives to find each other, to find our other halves. Neither of us is religious, so there were no moral repercussions to account for. We were, and are, very deeply in love form the moment our eyes met. He was the one. The one I had been waiting for. The one who loved me, patiently, kindly, and with so much more understanding than I've ever been given before.

That union of bodies and spirits, to me, is the final bond between two people. It's a pledge and an expression of the love we share for each other. And it has not lost that meaning any time since. I don't regret one moment of our time together.

So, I only say, wait for the one. The right one. Marriage shouldn't be a part of that.
ShadowHowl ShadowHowl
Dec 3, 2012