True love does it forgive?

When we first met we both were the last kinda people to fall in love with anyone. I dated jerks and he was a hump and dump. Over time we relized we were perfect for each other. On our first date he took me bowling because I told him I sucked at it. He did it to be a jack *** I'm sure but he took my hand and helped me. We went to the beach once and I remember it was like that was life it was just us and nothing else mattered. When I'm sad or mad he would just hold me and talk to me and it fixed everything. A day without him is like being stabbed in the chest. The best sleep I ever got was when he was right beside me holding me. When he leaves letters in my locker I read them and it gets me through the worst of classes. When he talks about how he wants to run off and get married it gives me hope that we can get through everything. I love him so much but I made a mistake awhile back and I can't find a way to tell him. Will he ever forgive me?
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I'm 15, I'm engaged. I have been for a few months, I was 14 when I said yes. I made the biggest mistake of my life and had sex with one of my friends.. It was a mistake but at the same time I don't regret it... If that makes sense. My fiancée lives in another state, and I got too caught up. I know I can never tell him, it would break his heart and I couldn't do that to him. The guilt KILLS me, but I would rather hurt myself with my mistake than hurt the man that I love. I know that if I told him, he would forgive me because he loves me. If your boyfriend loves you, so will he.

He forgave me and we are going to live together in a week. But my life is still throwing stuff at us. Thanx for the advice and I'm glad u are young and getting married it helps to know I'm not the only crazy teen out there. :)

Forgive yourself and move on or tell him now. Just don't let it continue to haunt you.