Is It Wrong To Stay Virgin?

i love a guy but he dos not love me. ok let back up.One day i was at a summer camp and i met a great guy (ill call him #1)but he had a gf so it just hurt. then a week later at a Y camp a dif boy(i will call him #2) said he (in his words)
i really like you ,i mean REALLY like you. so i want to be with #2 because he loves me. but yet i don't because i love #1 instead. witch should i choose or should i just stay a virgin all my life pls help.
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3 Responses Dec 26, 2012

Love, I hope u waited

Lose that virginity. Do it with #2. He loves you. Always do it with someone who cares for you and not just any guy. definitely aren't doomed to stay a virgin all your life if you don't pick between boy 1 or 2. My suggestion is just to wait for someone you know extremely well, and love with everything. Let the infatuation periods slide by.