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I'm Fifteen

I lost my physical virginity on June 6th of last year. I thought I loved the kid and when it was done, I didn't feel like anything. I lost my mental virginity December 26th, if that makes any sense ? Best friend for two years and it was kinda ******* crazy. I know what love is. It may sound dumb because I'm fifteen, but I don't really care what anyone has to say right now. My parents know about all this **** and they're all mad, but I don't regret anything. Is that bad ? I feel like some awful kid, but I don't know. I'm happy. Well, I'm not happy that my parents are so mad that I might not ever get to see my friend again, but I'm happy it happened and I wouldn't change it.. Ever. I just.. I don't know what I should think.
Kthnxbai Kthnxbai 13-15, F 2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

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well if it makes you happy do it. but don''t forget the limits and reconcile things with your parents

You don't know what to think, but you don't care what anyone has to say right now. Sounds about right; sounds like a healthy teenager.

As long as it doesn't go too far or get out of hand. Rules exist for a reason, and although they are meant to be broken, they are meant to be broken carefully. Good Luck!