Kinda Wish I Did But...

I grew up in a home around religion that says wait until marriage. So I stayed a virgin until I was 27. And the way I lost it I wish I did wait but then again I'm kinda glad I didn't wait I just didn't like how I went about losing it. I've never had a guy give me a second look or lay a hand on me cause they knowed I was a virgin. Sometimes when a guy found out I was still one they quit talking to me. I met up with this guy a year ago before Christmas and he never asked me how many guys I slept with and I never told. Usually all the guys I would talk to would ask me, well this one never did. Anyway, we had sex that night and I lost my virginity and I've never seen so much blood. I almost fainted before I went into the living room. I made it to the couch and passed out for awhile. After that he didn't want anything to do with me, so more or less I found out I was just a one night stand to him. And he just wanted to be friends and I said no. Well the man I'm married to now I didn't wait either. But I kinda thought what's the point cause I'm not a virgin anymore. And my family finally found out about it before we got married but what they don't know is he's not the first guy I've slept with. The reason why I don't say anything is because I'm afraid I'll catch grief over it and I'm ashamed of how it went about. My husband knows he's not the first but doens't know the details about it. My best friend knows about it but not my family. It kinda makes me wonder if I hadn't slept with anybody if he would've still went out with me? Now days alot of men won't have anything to do with women unless they've done slept around. Very few men respect women who don't.
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My wife was a virgin when we met but we didn't wait. About 6 months later we engaged and 18 months later married. Those years and the first 5 married years equal the amount of sex in the past 20 years. Get it as much and for as long as you can get!!!