Most People Do!!! Right?

Not very many young girl's are doing what is right and are having flings before the ring. I did too. like i said most people do. The saying *if i new then what i do now, i would go back and change things. when it comes to having sex before marriage i wish i would of waited. It is the most meaningful thing when the man you love gets apart of you that no-one else has had. I thought i loved my first but puppy love doesn't count. That's why marriage is the true symbol of love between 2 ppl. You live and you learn. It's crazy the choices you make when young. My advice to girls wanting to no no what they should do. Wait.... Enjoy being young and hanging with friends. Get a career first. There is always going to be that chance to have sex. you never get a chance to go back and make changes. Have fun and let sex be the last thing on your mind. You can have fun without having sex. Men will respect you more that you aren't doing what all other girls are. Make a man wait. After all you are worth waiting for.
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Very well expressed! :)

I am in full agreement.

After reading all the comments and story,I find the opinion of casual sex has changed alot over the years.And when you have daughters it's hard to know where to draw the line on this subject.I think I had sex to young,My dad had his girlfriend put me on the pill.I told her but I'm not having sex nor do I want to.She said you will and your father wants you on it,so that's it.Because he controlled so much of our lives with a Iron fist,I thought it was something I were supposed to be doing.My dad wouldn't steer me wrong.I weren't ready,he did steer me wrong.Sex isn't a dirty thing,nor do you have to or should wait for marriage.It can and is a beautiful thing,but! I do thing girls start having sex to young.

This story is all the reasons why I thought I had to follow the rules and not sleep with anyone. But it is wrong. Sex is natural and sex is right and women can want it too. Women can enjoy it too. It's misogynistic and old fashioned to say that a woman's worth is linked to her sex life, when she can enjoy it too. It's not like anything will happen, safer sex means you don't have to risk getting pregnant or STI's or anything. Why not? If you do it for yourself then it shouldn't matter what your boyfriend or partner thinks.
If it makes them respect you any less, you want to not just be refusing sex but running out of there as fast as your legs can carry you.

Its nice to wait but I can tell you not many men will wait for you. There are just to many woman putting out. Young men are all about sex. Its normal. If you don't mind your boyfriend screwing on the side then your a wonderful woman. Either that or you must have other skills to get him to ***.
Please add me as a friend. I would like to know you better.

I am a man and I respect a woman with experience a whole lot more than a virgin. There is nothing wrong with being generous and loving.

And then your stuck with a lousy lover. Like going into the ice cream store , Never had Ice cream before, Picking a flavor as the only one you'll ever eat without tasting any. If the man don't respect you because you decided to find what you like , He's a worthless dog not fit to have. You want a partner not a master. You have only one life. Don't waste it thinking his lame self satisfaction is good sex. And how will you know what good sex is if you don't know what poor sex is. It's just sex and this isn't the dark ages. Don't ever let some moron make you feel ashamed of yourself.

yea l m virgin l need a female to teach me

There are plenty of girls that would love to break a virgin in. lol. good luck.

Given what I know now, I don't think I'd ever marry a virgin. First, I don't think anybody should get married these days until they are at least in their late twenties. Most men don't really mature until then and it's difficult enough to make a marriage work with two mature adults. So it seems unreasonable to expect someone to wait until their late twenties to have sex.

Second, to many people sex is a VERY important part of a marriage. How do you know if you're sexually compatible with someone until you actually have sex? Yes, you can talk about sex with each other, but most people don't go into enough detail talking about sex to find out if you're compatible with each other. You actually have to do "it" to find out for sure, IMO. Certainly premarital sex is no guarantee you're compatible, but I think it's at least one thing you can do to try and find out.

Third, the best "gift" I could get from a new bride would be someone who knows what she wants in bed and isn't afraid to show it and act on it. It's a very rare virgin who can give you that gift.

Now do I think every young woman, or man for that matter, should go out and, to borrow a phrase from my UK friends, shag anything that moves? Absolutely not. Sex is definitely better with someone you know well and have an emotional attachment to and that's something that takes time to develop. Also, women don't seem to realize that most young men often can't distinguish between love and lust. The hormones are just too thick in our bloodstream to allow us to make that distinction. And because of this, a lot of times we'll get a woman in the sack and get bored with her before we really even get a chance to know her. If you want a man to love you for who you are then, in general, it's best to make him wait for some amount of time and get to know you for your other qualities before sex enters the picture.

Then there's the practical aspects of having sex with lots of people. Obviously the fewer sex partners you have the lower your chances are of contracting an STD or having an unintended pregnancy, so limiting the amount of partners is good for you from that perspective.

you have a very intresting response. It is highly unlikely that girls these days will wait. Seriously. But making a the man wait for some time is a great idea. Like you say most men do just hit it and quit it bc that's the typical man they just get bored. And in my expierence that's what the boys do when your young. I got married at 19 and all my expierence before my husband were just for fun sex. No meaning. All the men wanted was to just get theirs so I had no idea what I wanted sexually. I think knowing what takes being comfortable with the person your with and trying different things. For me that was my husband. Once I knew what I wanted my imagination took our sex life amazing places. Girls at a young age just get hurt so much because a man doesn't respect the body like a girl does. Its special when you give someone that part of you. Men don't need to disrespect it. Thanks for your response. Opinions are different but I bet all women agree with waiting. I'm sure all men agree with not.

your so right u live and u learn.oh my im 28.i wish i could go bak.i would b a nun till i was ready.than ask them to vote me

I agree but it goes both ways. A woman dont want a man thats been with many others. Cause now what is he giving that noone else had?