Thank God I Didn't Wait Until Marriage

My first boyfriend turned out to be a total selfish pig, my second love who is my ex fiance is beautiful but unable to be sexual anymore. I would have been "Screwed" being stuck with either if I hadn't "known" them before marriage.

I believe that to think the one that you marry as a virgin can definately provide you with sexual bliss is horribly naive.

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Experience makes for better sex! Kudos to you!

This may sound really bad but I met a amazingly good looking man when I was younger and thought he was going to be my husband and father children not matter what. In bed he was selfish, didn't care if I was satisfied or not, and really wasn't that good. After the rose colored glasses wore off I saw that those traits were in the rest of personality and when I broke up with him all he could think to ask was if we could have break up sex. <br />
My grandmother, she is truly a sage, told me I was in lust and that was ok. She told to learn from the experience and not fall into that trap again. Had I waited to marry him, and I know he was thinking of asking, it would have been a disaster. I also learned what really bad relations in the bedroom can be and how they can damage how you feel about the other person.

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I feel you here. I lost mine before getting married, I'm not married yet, and do feel that people needn't wait until marriage to give away their virginity.<br />
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Its all BS!!!! Doesn't mean someone is sexually "compatible with you" before marriage does not mean that he would remain like that throughout the marriage. When people marry, things change: kids, jobs, stress,hormonal changes etc...all these things can cause one to have a very low libido and reduce the sex drive.....sexual performance is proportional to the health and status of the relationship and how much both persons are committed to each other to make it work. So whether is a person is a virgin or not has nothing to do with sexual compatibility, its all a personal choice...everyone was a virgin once in their lives. And sex is not like rocket science...its just exercise...if one is willing to get into different positions so be it. <br />
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And lastly, dont 'Thank God"...because God is against pre marital sex. Just thank yourself

You actually mean that when people get married they get other worries than having good sex, so then it doesn't matter anymore that the sex is awful. Err... What?

good lord I can't type. it was supposed to say " men are like rubber bands" I need to put my glasses on

I agree with this. There is no real legitimate reason to wait until marriage and I often find the naivete doesn't stop there.

I totally agree with you...<br />
I believe its important to taste the waters before you jump in the ocean......<br />
Besides experience make sex better.....