No the Good Girl Didnt Wait

Should have as it was over rated. He or I didnt know what the hell we were doing. I was 17, should have been doing something more constructive like having a V-8.

Abriee Abriee
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8 Responses Dec 6, 2008

Ahahahaha! Was it awkward?

Why should you have? It doesn't affect anything about you or your self worth (it shouldn't in this day and age) and all that happened is you gained experience.

It all gets better in time. The first time is overrated... sex definitely is not! :D

More V-8 then

Not 17 anymore... it has gotten a hell of a lot better

I started at 14 ... never looked back.<br />
<br />
The first time is always the worst. It gets better ;)

My goodness you have a lot of experiences. LOL

*giggles*<br />
Vegetable juice is always good, yes.