I Was Taught to

I was always taught it was a sin not to wait until marriage, so I had a great sense of guilt in regards to thinking of sex or sexual activity when I was younger.

However, truthfully, I am extremely glad and relieved I did not.  Personally, if I only ever had the one I married in that way, I would always have a sense of wondering, I would always feel like the student, and inadequate, less prone to experimentation.  As in all things in life, I needed experience and like to think of every aspect of life as an evolving journey. 

I still am not married, but I have sex, so I still in respects, do not wait until marriage


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I think many Catholics feel that way, SP. It sounds a totally reasonable position to take.

If it's a crime of Christianity, it's not a crime of Christ, who certainly did not do or say anything to encourage such an approach. He was criticized for associating with prostitutes and saved a woman from being stoned for adultery, for example.

In the days when non-marital sex could lead to unwanted children or gruesome, illegal abortions, there might have been some merit in scaring people off it. These days, it makes no sense at all. There must be very few people, these days, who voluntarily wait until marriage; or who feel any sense of guilt because they did not wait.

Wait, M&M... You will need to clarify a little...

WHAT applies to all religious leaders/politicians/teachers???

I guess there is a sort of sense of purity to waiting, being the only lover in your spouses life. But we are who we are through experience whether it be of a intimate nature or not. It is a shame that guilt can be associated with such a wonderful thing.