I Was Taught to

I was always taught it was a sin not to wait until marriage, so I had a great sense of guilt in regards to thinking of sex or sexual activity when I was younger.

However, truthfully, I am extremely glad and relieved I did not.  Personally, if I only ever had the one I married in that way, I would always have a sense of wondering, I would always feel like the student, and inadequate, less prone to experimentation.  As in all things in life, I needed experience and like to think of every aspect of life as an evolving journey. 

I still am not married, but I have sex, so I still in respects, do not wait until marriage


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2 Responses Jan 1, 2009

Wait, M&M... You will need to clarify a little...<br />
WHAT applies to all religious leaders/politicians/teachers???

I guess there is a sort of sense of purity to waiting, being the only lover in your spouses life. But we are who we are through experience whether it be of a intimate nature or not. It is a shame that guilt can be associated with such a wonderful thing.