I have always been attracted to older men but I really stepped it up when I was 15. I started dating a man 15 years my senior. He treated me like his daughter and I treated him like my daddy. This is who I lost my virginity to. I was so scared but he really helped with the experience. He would typically put his hand on the inside of my leg while we were making out he would go up further and further until I would stop him. It got me excited every time though. One day he was coming over to pick me up and I knew today was the day. It was almost Halloween so he brought me costume shopping. This basically entailed me picking out something a little too short to wear in public. I chose to go as a Gogo dancer. Tall orange boots short white miniskirt and small black tank top. I looked terrible. I came out of the dressing room and asked how I looked he immediately and noticeably sprang to attention. We got home and he told me to work on my dance moves. I began dancing and he informed me Gogo dancers are typically on a stage. Since we don't have one I can dance on the bed above him. He laid there with the biggest smile ever. He said do you know what would make it better? I said no? He said don't freak out and he gently pulled my panties down. I immediately closed my legs but he got a peek of my little p***y first. He said wow baby it's so little and pink can I see it again? Wanting to please him I hesitantly put one foot on either sides of his chest like they were before. He reached up and this time I didn't stop him. I almost crumbled on his hand it felt so good how he was rubbing my little s**t then he put his finger in his mouth and said you taste and feel like cotton candy.he put his hands on my hips and laid me down. He pressed his big hard member against me and said please baby girl? I nodded my head yes. He rubbed the tip up and down my soft little crevice moisture was forming at the t** of his c***. He slowly eased the h**d in and let out a moan. I made strange little noises that I could not control. He got about halfway in when he hit what I thought was the end of my p***y. He said I'm gonna break your cherry ok? I didn't know what that was and nodded yes. He gave a firm push and I felt something inside me rip and a shooting pain then warmth. He slowly pulled out and eased it back in this time going until his entire length was filling me up. He pulled out a little faster and then slammed it in.he remained motionless I felt my p***y squeeze against him and he started pulsing inside me. He said I'm sorry baby I just c*** in you. Your little p***y milked me so hard. I still see him in passing from time to time and he immediately gets h**d
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Such a wonderful experience. Really wish I had been in his place. ;)

Very lucky guy

Hot story..lucky man!!

WOW! Please add me sexy!

Wow. Lucky your parents didn't find out. That poor guy would still be in jail.

what was your first time like....do you remember it with as much sweetness

Go away perv.

will not bother you no need to worry

damn, so delicious

Lovely story!

What a lucky guy.

Wow hot story. Please add me.

Wonna ****?

You should add me.

Did he teach u how to squirt?

Can u do it now?

I can teach you.

Very nice story!

That's just the best I've heard.

That was hot.
What's your fantasy these days.

I'm 40 and very dirty man xxx

So very sexy baby girl!!