I was 13 and he was 14 we had been "dating" for a year and a half. Everyone thought we were going to get married right out if high school, including our parents. We did it while left at his place alone watching Aladdin of all things. It was over really fast and I was so disappointed. I had all these expectation on how magical it would be and how amazing it would feel. No. It was awful. I actually panicked afterwards. Thinking to myself, is he the only person I'm ever going to have sex with? Is that really what I want? I broke his heart 2 months later. We hooked up again about 2 years ago, I was curious to see if we could do better. Nope, it still sucked and for that reason, I am so glad I didn't wait until marriage, not that I'm a very religious person anyway. If I had, I would've been married and divorced fairly young. Sex is amazing, some of the best moments of my life have been sex. And sometimes love had nothing to do with it.
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Have you learn to squirt yet?

i was 13 at the time and my 1st time was not good but the next was better and as we got more experienced it got better and better

Nothing better then the juices of sex.

Agreed animalistic, lustful, sex is feircly exciting. Go enjoy it!!