it is important to wait until you find someone who you truly love. Im 15 and didn't wait but i understand the consequences of this experience. Everyone thinks I'm too young to experience the things i have throughout my life but no one understands that i know the consequences and if i wanted to do this its because I WANTED TO, no one made me. I believe you should wait until you find someone who is right for you. Don't lose your virginity because you want to get it over with, lose it when you are truly ready. That is what I've learned.
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I understand you completely, but in order for you to be heard there has to be a big change in society, which popular culture is promoting the opposite of.

yeah me 2 i lost mine at 12 with a family member i should have waited i waited for my x wife until we married respect for her and her family

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How old were you?

It's ur right to not wait till u get marred

Life is full of hindsight and what ifs. At least you made the choice on your own and you where not forced into it.