But I Waited Til I Found The One I Love ...

I didn't wait until marriage. But I waited until I found the one I loved. I lost my virginity when I was 20. Even though I had dated many guys before I met him, I have never had sex with them since I wasn't sure if they were the right one for me. Surprisingly, when I met my boyfriend, I didn't hesitate to belong to him at all. Of course, I was scared and excited. But I knew indeed that he's the right one. So, I did. And it hurt but it was wonderful. It's a great feeling to have lost your first time with someone you really loved. Now, we are married and I have proved that the perfect time for sex is when you can find out the one whom you really love not only just for fun or to be trendy.
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Good story <3 good luck in your marriage :) ive lost my virginity 1 month ago im 20 and im in love with him so i dont regret it too

fairy tale.....

I consider myself lucky ,,<br />
Wish all best things for everyone ..<br />
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Hugs<br />

this is how we would all want in our life best to you both

Thank you :)<br />
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Yes, wondeful thoughts..when you found the one you love truly, but when the feelings are shared and mutual, then is beautiful =) happy for you

Thank you :)

DD is beautiful and intelligent. Her writings are always worth reading.

Just fact.


The guy is getting a truly wonderful lady.

Oh thank you for blessing :)

The most important part of your story is that you did what you wanted and it turned out to be good for you . May you have a bright future :)

Im happy if my experience could inspire others.<br />
If you r sure u r in love, go for it. ;)

@singer, thks a lot but at least you made decision by yourself. Thats one good thing. :)<br />
@phila, Thks so much, you're so sweet. :)<br />
@fungirl, thks a lot and happy birthday, wish you all happiness and luck :)<br />
<br />
with love for you all,<br />

It is beautiful when you can find that special someone to connect to and love. I am happy for you dolly.

Singer, why would you beat yourself up over an abortion?<br />
It was YOUR body after all.


Awwwww...that is so sweet.....I wish that I had waited....I mean if I had....I would not have beaten myself up for over 20 years for the abortion that I had when I was 16

((((hugs)))) cjpsf5 ! <br />
its just a morning time here and today I feel so happy. <br />
<br />
with love,<br />

Most welcome Dolly.

yeah that makes me feel so grateful thx :)

Glad that you found someone who you can connect to.......

yeah, thx again its so nice when sb could understand u as if we share the same exp, that's the point of this site :)

I understand what you feel.

Thank you for understanding. It means a lot to me :)

I understand that story

hehe thks :) <br />
<br />
Maybe because Im Asian, but Im a new generation so I dont cling to the old conservative taboos anymore. I followed my heart and never regret what I've done ...