She Promised Me Forever...

I lover her with all my heart but that just wasnt enough to make her stay. I couldnt be who she wanted and couldnt match up to the boys from her past. I hate knowing that the second she walks out the door, i'll lose her forever, and she'll go straight to him. I dont know if im strong enough to be without her, i dont want to be without her, i love her so much! I dont know what i can do to make her stay, i just need her so bad.

willr012 willr012
2 Responses Aug 17, 2008

You'll get along well without her because there's someone better on the other side of that door hun.

Will, First off this was a beautiful post. I can feel your pain as I am reading this and I understand completely that pain. We can't control who we fall in love with and it sounds like you fell pretty hard for the girl in your story. I don't know you or enough about your situation to give you a lot of advice but I will tell you that a very few short months ago I was you and I was in this situation. A man I loved walked out for another woman and I am not going to lie and say that I didn't see darkness but I had a phenomenal friend that distracted me from the man and he kept me going as i worked through the feelings that I had. I know you love this woman and I loved the man in my scenario but my point is that life will go in and in time the pain will decrease. If it is meant to be she will come back on her on but do you really want to be with someone that considers you her second choice? You have to decide if that is good enough for you. What I have learned is that there are some very special men out there that love me a lot. Oh have I mentioned that since I got back out there that I am dating a lot of guys and loving every moment of it. I haven't found the glove that fits but I will and I won't be second choice in his life. You can count on that. PM me if you need to talk to a female (I will listen to you if you don;t have others that will help you work through it)