My "Good Luck" of Not-winning

I started playing icelandic national lotto 5/40 on 20th of May 2009 and since then never forgot buying tickets, I won small amounts of bucks several times since then and I have been encouraged by them for winning more someday. Last Saturday I was really busy cleaning my appartment and forgot to play lottery. When lucky numbers were known, just for fun I checked MY numbers on my unbought ticket (my lotto playing system is always to buy the same numbers) and what do you think???? Yes! There were 4 correct numbers of 5, which meant I lost $300 instead of winning them. :(


Now, I will never forget buying lottery since I've already bought 3 autotickets. Wish me good luck! I am a single mother of 2 beautiful children and I believe that soon I'll get that financial freedom. :)

Good luck to you too!

Olenka77 Olenka77
Jul 6, 2009