To The Skies

So I looked into the stars this night and I wondered, after so many years of seeking death because I could not see the love in this world, only it's vile cruelness. Each time I tried to escape, no matter how painful, my body continued to survive, recover, and become stronger. I stopped seeking it because I decided if I can not stop the evil today, than I will plant a seed of my love for the world. Out of no where, I die in my room for no apparent physical cause, with friends. I may have been gone 5-20 minutes before I saw what appeared to be my family and friends in scrubs trying to save me, all of them speaking but I could only hear one voice, coming from one of my friends, who appeared angelic, glowing like the golden sun, only it did not blind me, she said something about taking her hand. At first I almost became bitter in the assumption I needed help, but then, I made a conscious decision to let go of control over myself, and I held her hand and just like that it was like my spirit was being pulled through my body back into the physical vessel I knew as home, but this time I was different, I am a new, and I am alive. I still don't understand why any of this had happened but one day I know I will, I feel re-purposed, perhaps I was born to lose, but this time I was built to win, do not mistake that for pride, but see it as resilience because my "pride" would not have me post this, it would be too ashamed to show this truth to you, whoever is reading.
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2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Google in Fatima the movie and watch it or the clips, true story and understanding is yours.

I find this remarkable. You are in this world for a purpose and I am so glad that you see that. Satan wants to stop anyone from achieving what they are meant to achieve through Christ. But I believe that it may have been an angel you saw and who asked you to take her hand.