I Died And Came Back.

I received a heart transplant in May 2007 after being in end stage congestive heart failure after delivering my daughter vi emergency section. During my surgery I was dead for a period of time while they prepped me for my new heart. I recall floating above my body and being very weightless. I then saw a bright tunnel with a figure walking towards me. As he approached I recognized my grandfather who had recently died from prostate cancer. In my grandfather's last days he was a shell of his former self barely weighing 100 pounds and so weak he was unable to support himself. However, the man standing in front of me was the picture of health with the smile I always remembered him having. He was wearing his Sunday best and just continued to grin at me until he spoke:
"It's not your time sis (a nickname he called all of his grandchildren that were girls). It felt so good standing in the warmth and light but I knew he had to return. I then awoke intubated, I had survived my heart transplant and I'm still here 6 years later.
abrashear abrashear
Jan 15, 2013