A Little Bit a Lot of Times

they're all too long a stories...  I'll let my title speak for them all.

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:-( Destiney24, I now how difficult it is to trust, and even more difficult when your trust is betrayed by someone who should be unconditionally there for you for life, in love and support and kindness and compassion always.. I'm sorry I wasn't on ep earlier to tell you this sooner!! xx

thank you tattered wings :-)

I have also slowly become dead inside to the point where I do not feel anything but numbness, but know that I do also understand and am here if you need a friend **hugs**

Thanks Krypton, I do, and that knowledge itself brings me strength. :-)<br />
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Miss shine I love you so. You are right in what you say, but it is sure great to hear (I know, I should say 'see') you say it! I'm determined to be ever stronger, and my life ever better!<br />
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You have a great attitude rockyj and I am sure you already know that it serves you well. :D

It is.... but there are moments in life which sometimes make it unavoidable. All you can do is move on regardless. Sucks, though.

Yeah, I've definitely felt dead inside before. It's awful.

thanks guys.... the group popped up in front of me the other day and I felt compelled to write something.<br />
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Unfortunately, it is a true reflection of a portion of my life, and as much as it sounds rather depressing, it just is what it is.<br />
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As always, though, I'm moving on, always forward. :-)

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