I was 13 getting my first surgery, and I had never been tested for any sort of like allergies to medication, so during my recovery I was prescribed morphine and after half an hour I woke up with 13 nurses and a doctor around me with my shirt ripped open (awkward!) and a doctor literally screaming in my ear. I was clinically dead for 36 seconds. It was the weirdest 36 seconds of my life.
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My friend called me and told me that she had been to the doctor for a routine procedure. During that time she passed out. When she woke up, she felt terrible and there were a lot of people around who hadn't been there before. Including her mother.<br />
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"They say my blood pressure was zero over zero," she told me. And she waited for my response.<br />
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"Right," I said. I was thinking about this. I didn't want to say what we were both thinking. "Does that not mean dead?"<br />
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It's dramatic and intriguing. It also has changes. I've since found out that people who have been clinically dead usually have disrupted electrical energy - so much so that they can't wear watches any more, in some cases. My friend blows lights and stuff like that. I had to visit her once and fix her power supply. Thankfully it was a simple job - I'm barely competent at stuff like that myself.<br />
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A few years later, she and I were involved in a car crash that should have killed us both. It seems like we've lived charmed lives. At least... charmed in the sense that we're still living them.<br />
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Your story is fascinating. I hope you're doing well, now.

It was like having a long conversation, I was talking to my English teacher about my life and it was just like normal.