My Death Experience With Synthetic Weed

Hi, I've never done anything like posting personal stuff on the web, but I feel like I need to find people I can connect with and share my crazy story with. I don't smoke weed very often, when I do I normally do it for a sleeping problem I have and I also do it alone, then just sleep. well, the other night a friend invited me over to smoke with him, so I thought why not. I was really upset and worked up about something that I've been going through and I heard him talking when he was getting the weed, but I didn't listen to what he really said if that makes sense. but he said that it was synthetic weed his cousin bought, and I have never ever wanted to try that ****. I know how dangerous it can be. but like I said i didn't really hear him, so I took 2 small hits, and instantly I was ******. I ******* died, and it was ******* beautiful. I can't really explain it, but when I came back to my body I had no idea who I was or what I was even. all I knew was that before I woke up in an extremely distorted position on his floor, I was just free energy flying in the universe, then I like some how descended into a body. then I heard my friend on the phone freaking out to another friend about how I was on his floor dead, and he didn't know what to do, but by that time I had come back even though I still didn't know who he or I was. or that I was even human. I felt like the body I was in I had never experienced before. it was ******. then I went into the most painful thing I have ever experienced in my live and the scariest trip ever. but I knew I had died and come back to life. the last thing I remember is that he threw me in my truck, and i begged him to stay with me because I was scared to death, but he left me alone, and i watched him drive off in his car and just left me there while I was still wigging out. that was 2 days ago and I haven't been able to sleep cuz when I do I lose control of my body and i feel like everything I feel are pins and needles and it hurts, but I can't control my body it just wigs out. it's getting a little better, but i still feel like there's a part of my spirit that's gone. I can't really explain it. I wish I wouldn't have been so upset and in my head when he was talking otherwise I would have never done it. But I feel like after I came back I had a siezure or heart attack while I was hallucinating, but he just left me there. it was horrible. I just don't know what to do. I only have one super good friend I told about it whose had that happen several times, only with different drugs, and through meditation. but I wanna know if there's more people out there who have had this happen, or what anybody thinks.
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the only thing that saved me was GOD..I begged for his forgiveness as my chest pounded and my heart raced....after 3 puffs I knew I had made the worst mistake....11/16/14 is a day I will never forget...I was dying ...and I felt so alone...I was in the car with a so -called friend begging for her to take me to the hospital but I guess she was too scared...she tried to get me to calm down by explaining what she gave me..but all I could focus on was trying to breath...and I was freezing and's been a month since God saved me..I see life different now...but I still have the reminder of That day from the soreness of my heart being pushed to its
people need to understand it's not worth it

and i know what you mean by saying it was beautiful, i once took one hit and was tripping like death, went out on my porch and it was blue skies to the north and stormie skies to the south, just a normal day to the person who was with me but omg was that the most freaky, beautiful thing ever... i HONESTLY thought the world was going to end. not worth it, not even close, i kept looking out the window, my mind was going a million miles per hour, i swear i was using my brain for the most pointless reasons i never would want to imagine

that stuff is stupid... there was a guy i had know for five years or so... my best friends step dad, i had spent alot of time with him he was a good dude... he ended up getting a job at a recycling trash place, and so he quit smoking marijuana and started constantly smoking synthetic so that he could stay "clean" for a drug test. for three months or so he was continuously smoking that stuff day in and day out, he couldnt complete a list of errands without heading back home three time to smoke more... eventually he was crazy in the head, his eyes were like crystalized, he was extrememely loud and obnoxious, and foaming from the mouth! NUTS! The last time i had seen him he was hauled off to jail... I heard him freaking out on someone outside so i poked my head out of my window and tried to tell him to calm down, he threw a garbage can at my truck and kept randomly yelling at this guy so i went downstairs to try to control the situation, he punched his truck, ran around it, went inside the first door of our appartment building, i said, man you smoked that stuff again didnt you? you need to just calm down man its gunna be alright... he then licked one of the square windows and put his fist through another one... i went inside the door and held him against the wall, his wife opened their door to their appartment and we fell in there and i restained him until he "calmed down" for a minute. the i got up and i heard him argueing with his wife for a few minutes talking about very crazy things... during that arguement he called the cops on himself and eppickly went into the middle of the road as the police came.