I Died Just Now, and Again, Once More, and Yet Again

When I read this group I first said WTF. But then, with a moment to think, and die yet again, I decided that this too was my experience, though maybe not in the way the person who started the group was thinking.

I have died millions of deaths. It need not be a goal. The BIG ONE is actually guaranteed. No need to strive towards it, is is always on its way. NO need to hurry.

And still, there are the tiny deaths. Moment by moment by moment, the person that was, DIES. In each moment, someone else, slightly different is born again. This happens over and over, 86,400 times in each day.

Many people fail to realize this. They hold on to the difficulties and pains of all their accumulated moments. They drag them along, hoping somehow that carrying all of them will somehow provide an answer somewhere down the line. Instead, the weight exhausts them.

They do not realize that they COULD put down the accumulations of the past, leave them there, and walk away. This is NOT EASY, but it is possible.

Each moment you die. The next moment you are reborn. I died just now.

Hello new me.

"Oops I did it again!"

Hello new me.

I died.

How about you?

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10 Responses Aug 20, 2007

Wow you sound very wise. Enjoyed this!

Thanks very much Antigravity. I'm a bit spent today, so I'll probably only be aware of 22,000 or so, but I'll keep trying. <br />
<br />
Wishing you the same.

Everyone has some baggage, only a few truly enlightened beings are really dying and reappearing moment by moment. The rest of us have flashes of insight where we 'pierce the veil' and penetrate to the heart of things. Some people have these insights more often, some never.<br />
Have you had those occasions when you saw something beautiful and it made your world disappear ?In those few moments you just perceived the beauty? Maybe with a experience of natural beauty, or one of strong emotion.....Everything stops, and you are only just experiencing for a few moments.<br />
The thing is, ALL humans have the same general wiring in the brain. All of us perceive the passage of time and have some continuity from our past to our present. But, some systems of belief and practice have figured out ways to train the mind to step outside of our limiting beliefs about ourselves and our minds.<br />
Meditation and mysticism both have techniques and methods to train people to do this. ANYONE can do it. For some with heavier baggage, maybe there is more to unload, but it is possible.<br />
If we look deeply, WHERE are those past experiences and the beliefs & feelings that come with them? Can you locate them? In reality, they all only exist in your mind. They only exist because you rerun them in your mind. YOu bring them back for review and strengthen them over and over.<br />
It is like a bad Gilligan's Island rerun. You hate it, it causes you discomfort. Why not just change the channel? If you don't see it (in your mind) for a long time, if you turn the channel every time it starts up, won't it start to have less and less effect on your life/wellbeing?<br />
Meditation/mindfulness and other traditions give us tools to do this.

Thanks for posting these. I really enjoyed your insight. I die many times a day and I guess I don't realize it. Now I know a few people that don't understand this concept and I feel for them, because it is freeing when you can live only for the moment.

My past often haunts me, as well. I wish I could cut away that baggage but it is extremely difficult when you are used to carrying it with you like a purse. People that you have known for years can bring up past hurts and sorrows and it is almost as if you relive it once again and then die once again.<br />
<br />
I just died, as well, not sure how many times, but the fact is I will continue to. <br />
<br />
Thank you for your unique insight into this experience.

HI Uzu--will you share the picture with us when you are done? I know you can add images to the groups now. That might be fun. A graphic representation of the ideas.<br />
<br />
I agree that the past generally affects the present, but I think we can choose how much we allow that to happen.<br />
<br />
Wishing you a clean slate.

That's a really cool perspective. I've heard something similar before about renewal and living in the moment instead of the past, but never said quite in the way you did. Thanks!

HI Cookie---<br />
Glad to see you. From your profile picture, it doesn't look like you need any more eye opening at all.<br />
<br />
People do share some heavy **** on this site. When I saw someone had set a GOAL of "I Died", that really threw me for a moment. But then I said, "This could be fun". <br />
<br />
There are a lot of depressed and even suicidal people here at the EP. Hopefully the community and shared ideas is giving them some hope or helping to shift their perspectives.

Good to hear from you. Hello "new" Caritus.<br />
<br />
Condolences and congratulations on your TIMELY death.<br />
<br />
I wish you 86,400 more deaths today.

I died just now. Thnx and hello.